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  1. Advice
    First 2 days doing Uber....One customer was a stripper and wanted me to drive her 50 miles to her boyfriends and she thought he might be cheating. She said she was going to "surprise him". And today I had a customer order a single 16 oz Pepsi from a gas station for UberEats. I'm finding there...
  2. Complaints
    Hi guys, We are interested in finding out how you use various on-demand platforms other than Uber /Lyft. This is not a promotion nor a referral link. Thank you
  3. Pay
    so i own a car and i recently join uber. but im way too lazy to drive it. so i want to hire a driver to drive my car using uber. but i dont know how to pay them. how do i pay them? is it like i share 20% of my revenue from the uber or do i pay my driver with a minimum standart wage? do my driver...
1-3 of 3 Results