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  1. UberEATS
    Hey there my previous problem was resolved and now i get to do uber eats under the pontaic that added into my account. I want to know how much can you make in a week putting in 25 hrs a week after expenses on uber eats in the northern NJ area? Ive searched this on the internet but i believe...
  2. Phoenix
    Anyone out there making money this week? Or did all the x drivers give up after the rate cut? Made 400 today 350 yesterday.
  3. San Francisco
    I guess my first comment would be, "I CANNOT BELIEVE I'VE LOST SO MUCH MONEY THIS WEEK"!! Working for Uber is starting to take it's toll! I have been with these two scam companies now 3yrs! I will save the keys from typing the past on how I use to make $350.00 a day and that was my minimum take...
  4. Las Vegas
    Looks like uber is coming back with old promotion....back in the day the promo was some like this drive 120 trips make extra $200. I just received new upcoming promotion starting tomorrow drive 95 trips make $160 extra. Or 80 trips earn $120 .All above starts tomorrow. Friday 4am to mon...