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  1. San Diego
    Monday in the San Diego UP forums. Once upon a time, the alarm went off at 4am. Brushed teeth, combed hair, dressed, and out the door. By 4:30am I’m picking up the first ride of the day to the airport. Today, the alarm has been turned off, and I rise when the sunlight breaks through. A casual...
  2. Chicago
    As those on the road are seeing, its busy out there. I've seen some reasonably high surge since 4:30am. We know in the early morning you get the 4am bar crowd and also people leaving town, mostly for work. That's generally Monday. But Friday morning tends to rival Monday in terms of demand...
  3. Chicago
    Decided to take a trip in the 5am hour to the airport. Just to see how earnings would pan out now that the new surge is roughly a month old. Even at a $10 surge...probably never again. Man, how times have changed.
  4. Chicago
    Have another aspirin and probably an extra cup coffee ready if you’re taking people there this morning. A 5:25 AM pick up from Lakeview on a 2.3 surge took 50 minutes. An earlier crash near Cumberland greatly aided. And more non-business travelers than usual.
  5. Chicago
    Already looking ahead. 2-4” of snow forecasted later Sunday overnight into Monday. I see big Monday morning earnings (and maybe unsafe driving) in the snow globe crystal ball. I call these the “nuisance snowstorms”. Not the huge storm that shuts down the city and nobody goes to work or...
  6. New York City
    Last week was so shity I decided to not even come out this weekend but I'm also lazy today F-ck it. Gives my car a nice break but since school is back I wanted to ask those who are out if they see any difference
  7. Advice
    Happy Presidents' Day! Lots of sales, so Big shopping day. Get out early. People will need their Ubers all day. Monday's normally slow for me. I hope today will be different.
  8. Boston
    They are predicting a lousy commute with some snow (Very low totals but they are saying a messy commute). If I didn't have to work my full time job, I would attempt to drive as I would think there might be some surge with the lousy weather. Good luck to those driving in the AM and be safe.
  9. Washington DC
    Like this other dude mentioned, last night was bad, so damn slow. Started late but felt energized and positive about the night. First few costumers were cool and the driving was smooth, of course no traffic. I take this dude to NE near H St, I don't feel safe in that area but whatever. I get a...
  10. Columbus
    Hello, I'm still pretty new to Uber and today was the WORST day I ever had with Uber, Well I started my shift at around 5-5:15pm and I was in Grandview Heights from around 5:15 to 6 I didn't get any trip requests and I was parked in the Walgreens parking lot at 5th and Grandview just waiting for...
  11. San Diego
    Today was super slow I paid to drive .... is it always like this on Mondays ?
  12. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Just checking on my peeps...
1-12 of 12 Results