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  1. Canberra
    If you can’t see see your Momentum card in the Uber app, follow the steps below: (1) open your browser on your phone and type in t.uber.com/my-momentum (2) you will be prompted for your email/phone no (3) check that you are not a robot (4) key in your password (option to login with your...
  2. Canberra
    Have you noticed that the Momentum card apparently is back on the home screen of the Uber driver app? Don’t be tricked. It’s a classic catch 22. If you click to view your card, it shows you instructions on how to view your card... and if you follow those instructions, it takes you to...
  3. Canberra
    Sometimes drivers find that their Momentum card is missing in action. This is due to a known glitch that can be especially irksome when you want to benefit from, say, a fuel discount. Little Bo Peep having lost her sheep found that, by leaving them alone, they did come home wagging their tails...
1-3 of 3 Results