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  1. Technology
    Device count? Device type(s)? Hula girl? Fuzzy dice? I'll start us off. Mine's basic but will usually git-r-dun:
  2. Site Help and Suggestions
    Give feedback, and earn a $50 gift card! Hello, UberPeople! We're looking to learn more about your experience with using this forum (and others) from your mobile phone, along with any of the downsides it may have. If you are a non-Mod/Admin registered member, use forums primarily on your...
  3. Sydney
    Hi all, I lost my phone in an Uber yesterday morning 08:45 (Sunday 26th January) from Caringbah station in Sydney, NSW. Driver was in a Toyota Camry. I've tried contacting the driver (via the Uber help pages) and it goes to voicemail. So this is my last hope. Anyone know drivers around there?
  4. UberEATS
    So I just recently moved to Mobile from Tuscaloosa. Usually in Tuscaloosa I would get 15-30 delivery requests a night. In Mobile I was online for three hours and did not get anything. Can someone tell me where the hotspots are for UberEats? Thank you
  5. Sydney
    Did anyone else using Optus experience a few job cancellations due to ‘error’ on Saturday evening, between 8:50pm and 9:40pm? I noticed my phone dropped to 3G and I didn’t receive any new jobs after a few errored out after accepting. I went offline at 9:40pm for an hour and it was fine after...
  6. Technology
    How mush data are people using on their Uber/Lyft apps per month for GPS and communication? We're averaging around 20GB.
  7. Mobile
    I'm interested in driving on a limited basis in Mobile as a second job/hobby, but my current car is too old to use. Any current drivers in the area have input on whether there's enough business around the city to justify a newer car just for part-time driving? I would only be interested in...
1-7 of 7 Results