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  1. Sydney
    Fwd: New legislation has passed today in parliament that any body getting caught using a "mobile phone" whilst driving or whilst the engine is running will lose their drivers licenses the spot for 3 months. No excuse will be tolerated or accepted by a police officer. As soon as you get into...
  2. Sydney
    I am using Aldi ATM and quite often it seems to have trouble allowing the Uber Partner app to connect to Uber. Which has lead to me not being able signal the app to start the trip or end the trip. I got Aldi because I believed they used Telstra's network, maybe they have a low priority.
  3. Technology
    I tried to update Uber app on the google play store this evening and, this pop-up greeted me: See Pic 1: What is the NEW: "Device & App History" in the Uber App v3.98.2 - Android Permissions, does that allows the app to "Retrieve running applications", and what are those used for? Does this...
  4. Sydney
    Sitting in my car waiting for a ping and bored to tears, I decided to have a good look at exactly what access Uber has to my phone. I may be slow on the uptake, but it is rather more than just the microphone, camera, and contacts. The list includes the following; phone - directly call phone...
1-4 of 4 Results