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  1. London
    There have been a number of new operators entering the UK recently. Among this list are ViaVan, Bolt and Kapten. But how well are they doing vs Uber? The private hire community was asked to pick their favourites and the results are now out! View the results! >...
  2. London
    Its about time Uber get under attack! After the bullying attitude towards drivers and a 25% cut from our hard earned driving, im hoping these new companies take on some of the market share and look after us! ViaVan: 15% MiWhip: 7.5%>15% Kapten: TBC Any other companies due to launch? Hope all...
  3. London
    Anyone managed to actually get any jobs on this platform? They had a awful launch with so many app glitches and freezing, they wasn’t ready for London
1-3 of 3 Results