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  1. Kansas City
    Any Drivers that have driven in KCMO received a 1099 from Uber? When I got the required Business license from MO they informed me I had to pay 1% tax on the gross amount earned. Now since we drive in both states how do we know the break out between KS v MO rides? What are other drivers doing...
  2. St. Louis
    When I go online with Uber drive and open Uber and it doesn't show any uber drivers even though I'm right there. Is it up and running in St. Charles? Right here in my neighborhood are the headquarters for CitiCorp and MasterCard along with a handful of hotels and restaurants. See my pic. Both...
  3. Kansas City
    Hello everyone, I am new to Uber what type of insurance do you carry? I just realized my insurance has an exclusion in it. Do I need commercial auto even though I am only doing this part time?
  4. Kansas City
    30 days after your first trip, you're required to apply for a business license and do some other stuff. 1) If I never apply for these things, will I get to keep the money I earned in that beginning 30 day period? Or will uber somehow take it away from me? 2) once I reach that 30 day mark, will...
  5. St. Louis
    Read the bill here. HB 2233 May, Karla The bill that will effectively allow Uber in all of Missouri is still in the process. It's intended to be effective 8/28/2016. Right now it's still being amended and having hearings. St Charles City is waiting for this to be settled which is...
  6. Advice
    Questions? Comments. Complaints. I've been driving for 2 weeks here and I've learned some things about our city.
  7. St. Louis
    G'day My daughter is coming over to Missouri (from Australia) in January and is after a driver to take her around to the malls. Preferably on Saturday the 9th Jan or Sunday the 10th Jan. She is wanting a driver for a full day. She is staying on St Peters and wants to go to the St Louis...
1-7 of 7 Results