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  1. Denver
    Does anyone have early morning missing trips from the snow day, Thursday December 9?
  2. Complaints
    I had a ride not show up last week on my payout. Now they are saying they don’t have a record for this ride…AT ALL! This was an early morning ride and as a female driver/pax it means that I could simply disappear/be injured by a pax or as a pax without any record of it. Why do they not have a...
  3. Advice
    Hi, 4 Warning letters from TFL never arrived on my home addres. Have you had ever same situation if TFL's post was missing. any advice?
  4. Toronto (Ontario)
    Since last week, I noticed Lyft has removed the time away from Pax. Uber still displays time and distance of request from Pax. Why do the Lyft big wigs, need to resort to deception to cause a driver to accept a request. LYFT, what part of I don't want to drive 10 min for a $5.00 fare, do you...
  5. Toronto (Ontario)
    Why did Uber not keep the toggle switch for the online and offline? Now I have to change screen to go offline? Do the Uber software engineers actually use the app themselves? :confused::confused::confused::confused: Even the Lyft App has a toggle switch for online and offline. WTF...
  6. Lyft
    Well, I am a relative noob, I have about 250 rides under my belt. I have noticed a steep drop off in tips. Then I had one customer tell me, and another send it in weekly feedback, "I'd like to tip you, but the app won't let me" As I seem to still get some tips, so this might be intermittent...
  7. Pay
    I just got an Uber ride in Houston. When I went to rate and tip the driver the in-app tip option was missing! I used the “thank-you note” functionality to tell the driver about the problem and suggested he uninstall/reinstall the App or go to the Greenlight hub for help. I’m a 2000+ ride...
  8. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hello Lyft Drivers, Wondering if anyone this week got any powerzones or streak bonuses? First time that it was not offered to me. Guess I won't be driving for them. :(:( Got the guarantee for 30 rides, not helpful!
  9. Kansas City
    Any drivers at KCI on Friday, April 27th around 9 PM? See if you saw this guy. Call KCPD if you did. Missing Person: 74 y/o Peter Carstens. White male, bald, blue eyes. Wearing a black jacket. 5'9", about 125 lbs. Last seen getting into a cab.
  10. San Francisco
    I appear to be unable to locate a rider. Anyone know where rider went?
  11. Charlotte
    Hello fellow uberators . today i discovered something about uber payment system . EVERYONE SHOULD CHECK THEIR TRIP HISTORIES AND DO THE FOLLOWING : I'm not sure about other cities but this has happened to 3 different people using the Uber driver app in the past 3 weeks , if you use Uber GPS to...
  12. New York City
    Is this happening to you to? I made 150 yesterday but as soon as I'm trying to instant pay it kept offering me only 20. I said let me wait till this Morning, even worse it's giving me a zero! It did the same thing to me with a 45 dollars last week. Wtf is going on with uber? Not enough that...
  13. Portland, ME
    I tried to log into the app yesterday for the first time in about a week. I had to resubmit my insurance and registration info but that's normal. I was then told i cant drive here and if i wanted to drive in a "new city" i have some hoops to jump through. I live in portland and have been driving...
  14. Pay
    I am not yet a rideshare driver (still weighing it). But I have seen screenshots of some of the weekly/daily summaries they send Drivers, and I was wondering how you personally check to make sure you are receiving what you should. I've seen plenty of complaints about being initially underpaid...
  15. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Anyone else have this problem? My Uber app disappeared. Passenger app. I left my car at the shop and I need to get to work and I can't find the app on my phone. What's going on? I can't take the bus... It will take to long! It's missing from my iPad also. I guess I'll setup a Lyft account...
1-15 of 15 Results