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  1. Complaints
    I'm not a new driver I've done over 7000 rides over the past year. The day the bridge collapsed I get email telling me uber is going to take $80 for gas card charges missed from Feb. First off I keep track of my charges so I KNOW I DONT OWE ANYTHING FROM FEB. SAT. MORNING I SEE THAT THEYVE TAKEN...
  2. Dallas
    Anyone else experiencing app outage. Decided to work the night and the app went down on my 1st run. Now my trip a complete missing. Don't want to keep driving tonight if this keeps up. I'm wasting time just sitting waiting for it to come back up. Finally let me log off. Maybe this is a sign for...
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I have been having network issues, missing trips, trips glitching out halfway through the trip and showing up canceled, trips not showing up for certain hours, I am missing 2 hours of trips here and there throughout the day? Just weird stuff I have never seen in the last 3 months, anyone else...
  4. Phoenix
    Anyone else in Phoenix (or other cities for that matter) missing trips in their pay statement today? I am missing 3 but they do show up on my Summary and Trips.
  5. Advice
    I am missing at least 2 trips from my daily trip summary, has this happened to anyone else? I guess I need to contact Uber...
1-5 of 5 Results