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  1. New Jersey
    On Friday, I did a trip with multiple stops. I dropped the last pax and didn’t even pay attention to earnings. Eventually, I go check, and the trip isn’t even there. I waited the suggested 48 hours, and there is still no record of it. This is inexcusable for such a big company. My payout...
  2. UberEATS
    Last Friday night (June 1st) a trip disappeared right after completing. It vanished and still hasn't shown up over a week later. I called them twice in the first 48 hours and they were saying "Wait 48 hours and contact us again if it doesn't show up" Still nothing has shown up and I have been...
  3. Seattle
    I'm a new guy driving part time out of West Seattle with a grand total of one week under my belt so am just learning a few of the ropes. Yesterday I got a forced update of the app which downloaded and installed; for the rest of the afternoon, however, the navigation function was running 15-30...
  4. Melbourne
    I'm missing a trip from the weekly earnings page. has this happened to anyone else? i cant find anything about the trip from huntingdale station to darling st, south yarra with an added destination totaling around 23kms and 40min traveling time. i checked my dashboard but nothing there too. any...
  5. Chicago
    All, check your trip history after every trip. Also screen shot the pick and once you make it to the destination. Uber are cheaters! I'm waiting on a response now. They better have my money. LAWSUIT!!
1-5 of 5 Results