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  1. Los Angeles & Orange County
    So my last trip only the tip showed up and not the fare? I took a pax from the valley all the way to LAX and they said there's an issue? Anyone else having this problem losing your fair just the tip showing up?
  2. Pay
    Opps...I figured it out.
  3. Minneapolis
    Here how it goes. You accepted the request, drove the pax to her destination, clicked on "Last trip" to check how much you earned for this trip, and .................. it's not there. Not even in "Processing......" or "calculating....." mode. Nope. It's just like it never happened. Terrifying...
  4. Miami
    Like many of you, I avoid Pool rides, unless I'm in a high traffic area that offers a high probability of matched Pools. Over the last three weeks, I've had 3 completed Pool rides (all solos) disappear from my Earnings before they were posted - AS IF THEY NEVER HAPPENED? Once or twice might be...
  5. Advice
    This post is seeking information, asking for advice, and just plain b1tch1ng. Didn't know what forum to put it in so chose advice. Issue: It appears Uber is skimming tens of millions of dollars from their drivers. Please read on and reply if you agree, disagree, have other sources of data, or...
1-5 of 5 Results