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missed requests
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  1. Lyft
    When Lyft sends sends you a request to pick up at a Walmart 17 minutes away, and the screen pops up...
  2. Lyft
    Do I need to worry about Lyft deactivating me? I'm going to need them in the winter when Uber slows down out here. However almost every request from Lyft I get is 20+ mins away. I can't chance losing money for their reputation. It looks like you're continuing to skip ride requests by letting...
  3. Technology
    Hey all, I'm wondering if there are any legit sites/ways through Google Play (I'm on Android) or elsewhere to download older versions of the apps?? Mainly looking for Lyft's version, but I'd be open to finding the older version of Uber as well. Main gripe with the current version of Lyft (I'm...
  4. Washington DC
    Maybe I'll win a spiffy Lyft jacket and be the envy of everyone in the pig-pen.
1-4 of 4 Results