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  1. Stories
    2 weeks ago I was at a friend's house and he gave me some mini candy bars. I ate a bunch and grabbed a few extra. I put them in my car in an open cup holder spot in the very center of the car, with the intention of taking them into my house later. The cup holder is slightly back from the front...
  2. New York City
    I need to take an UberPool from Union Square to Riverdale, Friday morning. Can I expect these amenities with my fare?
  3. New York City
    Any driver at this point who offers; water, mints or any sort of refreshment at this point is a doofus. No disrespect to my fellow drivers on this forum but Uber + Lyft are low paying services. This is not a black car service and should be as bare bones as possible. It shocks me when I meet...
  4. Brisbane
    Apart from sending in the biggest boob who leaves his baby seats in the car for an inspection, he also makes a point about having colour blindness. All this equates to Uber having a thorough system to ensure drivers are of "high standard" It reads like a paid article but the part that disturbed...
  5. New York City
    I might have to up my customer service game with the upcoming tipping option. Thinking about offering mints and water... Any thoughts?
  6. Notifications
    According to Uber, these services are meant for UberBLACK Now we have proof! https://www.uber.com/nyc-riders/products/uberblack-suv/ "Every once in awhile, you want to treat yourself-extra help with your luggage, a spotless interior and some mints, or maybe even an AUX cord to listen to the...
  7. Advice
    ...the ones pax seem to like best is Wintergreen Lifesavers. If you buy a bulk bag at Sam's or Costco, they're about a penny each. Plus, they're individually wrapped, so no grubby fingers digging through your Altoids tin. Mind you, I'm not saying to do the mint suggestion. I'm just saying that...
1-7 of 7 Results