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  1. Stories
    I know we're not supposed to transport minors but this was an emergency situation so it's allowed? Don't get me wrong, I think it's awesome what the driver did to help out the young lady. I'm just shocked Uber gave him public kudos.
  2. Sydney
    I am getting a minor every week now and it's getting ridiculous. Something has to be done on Uber side with Parents debating with me that there is no way Uber would allow it if it was not acceptable. We are dealing with the public and this could end up being a huge media story if something...
  3. Sydney
    Yesterday I picked up 3 tall boys in the evening who had finished their game and were heading back home, a 5 min drive. They looked 18 or 19 so I gave them the ride but I was wondering what if they were 17. How do you determine if a pax in late teen with adult height is a minor? A lot of kids...
  4. Canberra
    From an email sent by Ola to drivers on Friday 15 November 2019 at 4.52 pm: 1. Unaccompanied Minors Did you know that Ola drivers are not able to take riders under the age of 18 year of age without an adult? If you suspect a rider is under the age of 18, you can request to see some...
  5. Philadelphia
    Here's a beauty of a day. As I'm driving to my Sunday sweet spot, my plan was to stop, get some gas and get into position. Yeah, didn't go so well. As I pulled in to the Shell gas station, I wasn't paying attention. I put in my Uber debit card, entered my pin, then canceled the sale as I...
  6. Philadelphia
    Steps: Underage children approach your vehicle After asking for age/identification immediately tell them no dice Start trip Cancel trip Reason: Prompt 1 "none of these', Prompt 2 "unaccompanied minor" Message support through -? Help -Trip Issues and Adjustments -I Want to Report a Safety...
  7. Stories
    First Call: High School Student, obviously under 18, going to school WITH HER MOTHER. Second Call: Picked up Lady and her infant at a Hotel. HAD A CAR SEAT! Third Call: Woman with a Service dog......WITH A BLANKET TO PUT OVER THE SEAT! Not a bad start to an amazingly slow day.
  8. Chattanooga
    I had the doors locked and got on the phone with support, As The Timer Counted Down. Do not cancel until due time. Profile picture is Queen Elizabeth! I got $5.00 fee.
  9. Lyft
    I had a ride today where when I arrived, an adult walked their kid, maybe 12 or so, to the truck and told me to take them to the food court entrance at the mall where she was meeting another adult.. I took the ride, but then 1stared them so I wouldn't get them again. Is that reasonable? I am...
  10. Canberra
    Email received from GoCatch on Wednesday 12 September 2018 at 10.30 am: Child, Parcel & Pet Transport Services - Register Your Interest Hi Jack, Commencing in the new year, we will be expanding our transport services to include authorised and safe transportation of children for drivers...
  11. Complaints
    So Uber tells us that you can not transport unaccompanied Minors. I had 2 requests in a row today that I declined on arrival. Another driver got requested immediately and canceled one also.we should get reimbursed for these trips we must decline and account holders should be disciplined. THEN...
  12. Stories
    Just got my Thanksgiving email from Uber, thanking me for being there for the pax. Couldn't help but notice that they are endorsing drivers to pick up unaccompanied minors from soccer games. Anyone else catch that?
  13. News
    I got a response from an inquiry I sent in to LYFT. In the scripted response it said, thank you for picking up at "soccer practice" for a busy parent.
  14. Stories
    Before the peanut gallery goes nuts pointing out that taking unaccompanied minors is against TOS, I would like to point out that I already know this. Just trying to get a feel for where people's thoughts are on this issue.
  15. Dallas
    McKinney texas 8:30 pm ride request at the new stadium, arrive for pick-up, minors- refuse riders, have them cancel, 4.00 cancellation fee next request same minor tell them to wait 30 minutes so i can get a request out of that location,the 5 minors block my car since i will not cancel the...
  16. Complaints
    I've been confounded with underage riders since I started 10 months ago. I've noticed that they make it difficult to get the fee for an underage rider. Lyft makes you call to get a refund and Uber lets the ride disappear. The one time that I stayed until they canceled, I was hit with a warning...
  17. News
    https://www.today.com/news/are-uber-lyft-drivers-putting-kids-risk-rossen-investigates-t137299 Anybody watching this on Today Show?
  18. Stories
    Dropped off my last pax in a residential neighborhood and got a ping right after from a house next to where I had stopped. 4.74 rating. Why not. I waited and waited, until the magic cancel button appeared and right when I was about to cancel, two kids, both under 16 come out. "Hi, are you my...
  19. Tampa
    Some genius Uber / Lyft driver got himself in trouble. Back in Oct, he picked up 3 minors - 14, 15, 15 - at Amalie Arena and on the way home, he pulled over into a Publix parking lot - showed them a porn video on his phone. It might even have been a video of an underage girl too. Sounds like...
  20. Miami
    I drove two 17 year olds today. They lied about their age and then fessed up. I proactively emailed uber about it. Here's their response. Please do not drive any minors. Uber will deactivate you. All it takes is one paxhole complaining and you're done. Note That when i responded to their email...
1-20 of 64 Results