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  1. Minneapolis
    Don't know if Eats couriers follow this thread as there is a dedicated thread for UberEats, but as this is Minneapolis specific I'll throw this in. This week they dropped evening boost to 1.1x here, matching the lunch 1.1x drop they did a few weeks ago, and including us with other cities across...
  2. News
    http://www.valleynewslive.com/content/news/Charges-Woman-kicks-out-Uber-windshield-commands-dog-to-kill-cop-467923123.html MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - A southern Minnesota woman is facing felony charges after she allegedly kicked out an Uber driver's windshield, damaged his cellphone and commanded her...
  3. Minneapolis
    http://www.fox9.com/news/235027643-story A Minneapolis cab company has shared surveillance photos and video with all taxi drivers in the Twin Cities metro after a driver was robbed at gunpoint early Friday, Feb. 10. According to a spokesman for Blue and White Taxi, two men pulled a gun on a cab...
  4. Minneapolis
    I'm a new driver and only going to be mainly working Friday and Saturday evening/night. Will probably work Wilds games when they start up. I would like to know the areas to go to and times to maximize my earning potential as much as I can on those nights. Any help would be appreciated.... Thank you
  5. Minneapolis
    Hi, Hello everyone! I am new to Uber and had my first pax yesterday (Prospective Hamline Student who wanted me to drive them around the twin cities to sight see and make decision if they like it here). Was a bit surprised at how low the fair was after racking up some serious miles doing the...
1-5 of 5 Results