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  1. Philadelphia
    I will be in Philadelphia and need pickup every morning 5 days a week If you have a minivan I need you to contact me. Thanks
  2. Vehicles
    Sorry this is such a long post. I am brand new to Uber and am so excited in my new job role! Facts: 1. I am disabled and haven't worked since 1993. I only make $848 a month. 2. I never ever considered Uber or Lyft, since I didn't want to put the wear and tear on my personal car. 3. My...
  3. Kansas City
    Happy Holidays and Happy 2018! Two weeks ago I posted a thread with the title "Need to buy a car, how profitable is Uber Select - daytime/weekdays?" The consensus seems to be that it's not very busy, not consistent,so I'm considering buying a minivan with the intent to drive for XL instead...
  4. Vehicles
    Currently in search of all MINIVAN owners with a TLC license in NYC looking to earn money + plus tips while helping a great cause. For more information please feel free to inbox me with your name and contact number for more info. Thank you
1-4 of 4 Results