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  1. Advice
    So, I’ve been driving in Milwaukee for nearly 3 years and have never been offered a Uber quest. I have over 2500 rides and high ratings. Do they just not offer question Milwaukee? What am I missing? Thanks all.
  2. Complaints
    last night I received a message in app that my account was flagged because I haven’t completed my UberEATS deliveries. This is completely false. I have a 97% customer rating and would never steal food. When I tried to call the reps say they’re having issues and hang up. I emailed and they came...
  3. Milwaukee
    https://www.jsonline.com/amp/914993002 At midnight on any given Saturday, hundreds of people across Milwaukee sling back their last drinks, step out of bars, pull up Uber apps - and are shocked to discover their ride home will cost $20. But not shocked (or sober) enough to turn it down, given...
  4. Complaints
    Pro UFC fighter not a tipper. 40 minutes driving through a dangerous blizzard storm to make 4 bucks. Fame is a shame. Sucks I’ve been a fan since day one.
  5. Milwaukee
    As a new driver in Milwaukee I have been trying to watch the trends to make more money. Best times to drive and of course the best areas. So far I seem to pick up my most pax between Bay View and the lower east side. To date I have only driven Friday/Saturday nights. I have also noticed that the...
  6. Milwaukee
    Hello, Uber partners of Milwaukee and surrounding areas! I have read several posts here but am curious to hear from more drivers about their experiences, likes, dislikes, earnings patterns, tips, et cetera. I have been driving for just a few weeks. Halloween weekend was my first time being...
  7. Milwaukee
    Need help locating my stolen 2013 Black Audi Q5 2.0T! Last seen on Saturday August 26th at 1962 North Summit Ave at the Shorecrest Hotel. Car was stolen between 7:40-8:40PM. The license plate is 329-UZG and the car has two silver luggage racks on top. The doors also had black rubber edging to...
  8. Chicago
    I've got to go up by the Milwaukee airport for work and wanted to double dip on the ride. It's flexible when I go. I don't know Lake County very well and wanted to know a good place near the state line to set the df. I'd be leaving from wherever Uber leaves me, but most likely the western suburbs.
  9. Milwaukee
    Been driving UberX for over a month now, 4.9 rating. I think it's time for me to go UberSUV. How is the product doing here in Milw? I don't see a lot of UberSUV's around, or at least noticed that they are Uber. Anyroom for 1 more in that space?
  10. Milwaukee
    It's been several months since I have seen any notices about guarantees for weekend or weekday trips. I think that last notice about guarantees was received back just after Labor Day. Is this something they only publish during the summer months? Or is it I am no longer getting these notices...
  11. Milwaukee
    Hello everyone. I worked for Uber since the beginning of this year. 5-12 hours per week during the winter/spring time and 30-60 hours during the summer period. I tried to figure out what is my hourly and per trip compensation. I collected all data from emails and my partner account web page and...
1-11 of 11 Results