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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    A good read: https://eand.co/young-people-are-giving-on-capitalism-because-capitalism-failed-young-people-70b4f0ab3de It's no surprise, then, that young people have given up on capitalism. They aren't just against it. They mock it just like a child might say: "I'm not afraid of that monster!"...
  2. Toronto (Ontario)
    As we all know that within the city of Toronto. There is a blitz cracking down on all drivers who stop in no stop zones and distracted driving. This morning I had two milennial passenger picked up at the new condos on Bayview at distillery district. That building had no stopping sign marked...
  3. Advice
    I am trying to figure out more specifically what Sketch means. I thought it was short for Sketchy, but the way some pax use it, I just don't know. Here are some examples. "My last driver was waving a razor blade at some bicyclist, it was really sketch." "I had a driver stop 2 houses before...
  4. Stories
    I swear. These 20 somethings are easily the most dull generation in history. Once you get past their picture perfect snapchat /instagram /etc etc; they are DULL. FFS, drop some acid & attend an ****. :eek:
  5. Chicago
    Four out of my nine riders tonight asked me for an AUX cord. The longest trip ETA of the four was 14 minutes. The shortest was 6 minutes. Six minutes. And I made it to the destination in 4 minutes. God forbid you go without your crappy music for 6 freaking minutes. I need a NOAUX vanity plate...
  6. Toronto (Ontario)
    I have to share this VICE video with all of you part-time drivers, analysts, economists, entrepreneurs, share-ers. I have listened and watched this and just loved it, even though it lasts 2 hours or so. [URL='https://youtu.be/QX3M8Ka9vUA']The Third Industrial Revolution. ".. Now Gentlemen...
  7. San Francisco
    Which pax is worse overall?
  8. News
    This news article from Forbes claims that Millennials are the worst culprits!!! https://www.forbes.com/sites/kellyphillipserb/2017/09/21/side-hustlers-skipping-out-on-an-estimated-216-billion-in-taxes/#89d1b08a8d6c
  9. San Francisco
    I assume all you guys out in the bay area got this? Pisses me off......(nothing new)! Oh sure Ill take you from OAK--->SF on Friday at 5:30pm, on a UBER POOL for $13-15 Dollars including Toll. Which drivers actually accept these ridiculous requests? I almost Choked a ridiculous, ignorant...
  10. Lyft
    I would've kicked kicked her out at the first sign of trouble, then send the video to Lyft and ask damage fees. I can't believe she kept the cool as long as she did. https://rumble.com/v39o85-drunk-passenger-attacks-lyft-driver.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=3
  11. Ratings
    "Netflix will replace its five-star rating system with a "thumbs up, thumbs down" one in the coming week..." All these Millenial run websites copy each other on everything within weeks, so get ready for Uber & Lyft's big new idea - thumbs up, thumbs down.
1-11 of 12 Results