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  1. Advice
    Is there a mileage tracker than you can use multiple rideshare companies? Can you track Uber and Lyft on one mileage tracker app?
  2. Taxes
    As an Uber driver, I'm putting a ton of miles on my car and I need to claim as many as I can on my taxes. I started a thread asking for advice (see here) about the easiest way to track miles and got a bunch of suggestions. It seemed there was no consensus, and no one had really done a thorough...
  3. Taxes
    Okay, I'm new to the Uber thing, but I've done a lot of reading on how to keep my financial ducks in a row. I've tried MileIQ and honestly, it sucks. I've noticed it has completely wrong paths driven for my log. I did a comparison one day with my odometer and it was waaaaay off. Like 10 miles...
  4. Technology
    Hey! Laura from Stride Drive here. Full disclosure: this is a sponsored thread with UberPeople.net. I wanted to start a thread on mileage tracking apps and tax questions. We've gotten a lot of positive feedback from drivers who have switched to Stride Drive from paid apps like MileIQ...
  5. Australia
    7/12/16: Just released version 2.0 with Metric Support. Check it out here! Hi. My name is Ken. I rolled MyRideTrac out in the US about 2 months ago. I drive rideshare and designed the app specifically for rideshare drivers. There have been requests to put a kilo/litre switch into the app for...
  6. Technology
    Update 7/12/16: Just released version 2.0 with Metric Support. Check it out here! I'm Ken, I have been driving Uber for just over a year now and I just rolled out MyRideTrac - to help rideshare drivers track their mileage. I tried many of the apps out there to track miles and expenses and...
  7. Technology
    Hi. Handy tax tip. Go active when you leave your house. You get to write all of the mileage you drive while active (with or without a rider). It adds up pretty darn quickly! What mileage tracking app are you using?
1-7 of 7 Results