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mileage log

  1. Taxes
    The IRS rules technically require a "Destination" for each line of the mileage log. I record my odometer when I start driving (go into driver mode) and when I stop (go out of driver mode). Usually I'm at home both times. What do you guys put for "Destination" in your mileage log?
  2. Taxes
    K, I admit I am stupid enough that I did not keep a mileage log for the 2 months I drove Uber and Lyft. So now I have only driven only 2400 miles according to Uber/Lyft,but in reality, I have driven at least 2 times as many. What do I do now? HELP. Can I just make up a mileage log/? The gross...
  3. Taxes
    As an Uber driver, I'm putting a ton of miles on my car and I need to claim as many as I can on my taxes. I started a thread asking for advice (see here) about the easiest way to track miles and got a bunch of suggestions. It seemed there was no consensus, and no one had really done a thorough...