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  1. Pay
    Greater or less than your home state's minimum wage? Mileage incurred is included for net income computation.
  2. Taxes
    Can you still deduct the millage in California on your 2019 taxes or does AB5 affect millage deduction
  3. Pay
    In finalizing my mileage log for 2017 last night, I compared my logged trip count to the total the number of 'completed trips' in my Uber-provided *not-a-tax-document summary, and found it was off by about 3% and total net payments was off by about 8%, both lower than actual. Hell, tolls didn't...
  4. Taxes
    Can someone affirm/disaffirm the following for USA tax year 2018: a) The mileage deduction can be counted against estimated self-employment tax b) The mileage deduction cannot be counted against estimated income tax (but 50% of the self-employment tax can)
  5. Taxes
    I normally turn on my mileage tracker as soon as i leave my driveway but I do not go online for uber until I get to the other side of town, about 20-25 minutes away, I also usually end on this side of town and do not turn off my mileage tracker until I get home Are these miles tax deductable ...
  6. Taxes
    If you keep good records (bookkeeping) you might find this helpful for your 2017 taxes. For most Uber/Lyft drivers the standard mileage rate works better in my opinion. But, everyone's situation is different. Here's a helpful worksheet to compare...
  7. Taxes
    The Internal Revenue Service today issued the 2018 optional standard mileage rates used to calculate the deductible costs of operating an automobile for business, charitable, medical or moving purposes. Beginning on Jan. 1, 2018, the standard mileage rates for the use of a car (also vans...
  8. Taxes
    The IRS rules technically require a "Destination" for each line of the mileage log. I record my odometer when I start driving (go into driver mode) and when I stop (go out of driver mode). Usually I'm at home both times. What do you guys put for "Destination" in your mileage log?
  9. Phoenix
    Do Uber and LYFT send you an end of year statement like a 1099 that has your mileage or just your total income? I spoke to an accountant last year, and he said drivers make out better with claiming the mileage, and not the gas, oil changes, repairs, etc. in most cases. I have been keeping a log...
  10. Atlanta
    Good news is that if you're an UberX driver in Atlanta, you get a hefty tax write-off for the Standard mileage deduction if you drive alot. e.g. negative income on your tax return. I built this calculator on Google Sheets as a decision tool. (mostly because I was getting eaten-up on...
  11. Taxes
    Okay, I'm new to the Uber thing, but I've done a lot of reading on how to keep my financial ducks in a row. I've tried MileIQ and honestly, it sucks. I've noticed it has completely wrong paths driven for my log. I did a comparison one day with my odometer and it was waaaaay off. Like 10 miles...
1-11 of 11 Results