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  1. Chicago
    Tuesday ~10 pm I brought a rider to Midway. I turned my app off and headed to the Pit to pee. About 30-40 cars in the gypsy camp. Was probably gonna set my DF toward home, since I had started at 4 pm (way early for me) and the City seemed slow. Ahhhh relief. On my way to my car, I turned the...
  2. Chicago
    At 4 AM this morning I was in DT area just about to call it a day and head home when I received a Ping. I accept thinking it will be a short ride so I can finish and go. But it was a ride to Midway Airport. Damn. I was tired but take it hoping that someone will be going back towards the burbs...
  3. Chicago
    I have been in the midway cell lot for about 30 minutes and not seeing the queue timer. Anybody else experiencing this? Is there a fix?
  4. Chicago
    I know where to Get Ohare airport runs but how do i position myself for the illusive Midway airport runs?
1-4 of 4 Results