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  1. Miami
    Hi guys, I'm thinking of moving to miami. I have a black Mercedes E-300 car. My personal car has no commercial registration. I think there's a premier in Miami instead of uber black. What does it take to register for Uber Premier? Can someone who lives locally give some information? I live in...
  2. Miami
    Hopefully no one will ever need their service but this ad came up on my Instagram and ever since then 305 Ticket Defense has gotten me off two traffic tickets. As far as I know, they are the only legal firm who offer this discount exclusively to Uber and Lyft drivers and I thought I should share...
  3. Miami
  4. Miami
  5. Miami
  6. Miami
    https://www.smart-trucking.com/pay-for-cdl-training/?fbclid=IwAR1iqYcRx4moD_dPVmGPOsxpz17RWv5jYAQC0NmmhndUZuMQ0MxrRvIpr2k People also search for state and local cdl training grants. government grants for truck drivers wia grant for cdl training can't afford truck driving school cdl grants in...
  7. Miami
    https://www.sun-sentinel.com/coronavirus/fl-ne-covid-florida-variant-cases-double-20210504-z7czta5vn5eznoymnnedcmk4wq-story.html?fbclid=IwAR03NLqgmd6yXp0h4dey2du6ndyxwkwp8NfZ_eyr9GkLyHLncZ4zHmkrbiM 0 comments 100% U
  8. Miami
  9. Miami
  10. Miami
  11. Miami
  12. Miami
  13. Miami
    =AZXqRzyCA-NfMBu5Fdmc9kB3RevNhcZuPVrFXOQfM7lAj8t3ti-m_d9V7fJsuz6GKX7lFg_sqKi_gN6Wp900itEGYq1kcWUI9gQLEnnR-HtbVQ16dhovp9JMKmgmaWV5vYAbdOmvSOtMG-Lt0WD-J06sz6tpxKbkeMT6RxGz4JISdhRnUXHVbT-e9e1mKQzQXUnDwVs99JEKgWY_U13k8Qsf&tn=-UC%2CP-y-R']Vanessa Brito - Community Activist...
  14. Miami
  15. Lyft
    Sweet Jesus, Lyft has found a new way to pay their drivers less, and it is ugly. (Currently Piloting in Toronto, Miami, & Austin markets)
  16. Jacksonville
    Does anybody have any luck using their 2 destination filters for really long trips around the state? Like if you wake up early Friday or Saturday and put the destination as Orlando or Miami would you get a bite or just end up in St Augustine? got this great ride from the airport yesterday to St...
  17. Miami
    I'm just curious what time we all drive. Also is the time you drive the time you'd like to drive or do you drive a different time because it pays better?
  18. Miami
    Through out next week and next week only! I will be riding into FLL or MIA airports at any random pax pick up loc, windows open and this song blasting: You know that guy is going faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr as hell and coming back the same way (maybe?), ask for selfie (blackmail... since my...
  19. Miami
    Prepare for it. It has arrived. www.lyft.com/scooters/miami Maybe we should start a pool to pay the deductible for the first one of us who runs one of these drunk morons over. Do they really think Miami people can handle this kind of responsibility? Be ready for drunk scooting. 2-3 riders...
1-20 of 213 Results