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  1. Jacksonville
    I cleaned this up and it's now an Excel doc. Very simple. Enter 6 variables such as gas cost per gallon, your MPG, average trip length and Uber pay rate... **As noted on the calculator, this does NOT include tips nor surge pricing. Take a look, it's a great way to know if what you are doing...
  2. Miami
    Yesterday I had a 5.0 Uber Pool very nice woman ask me why drivers keep canceling on her: -Pax: can you tell me what is my rating? -You're a 5.0 -Pax: Then why am I having a hard time getting a car? I keep getting cancelled or the cars near me ignore my request -Because you're requesting...
  3. Miami
    This guy Abe really wants to get us better wages he Made a new video today and said he said not to throw rocks at other uber drivers cars. I believe he want drivers to make more money. I don't believe uberman cause he always has his codes in his videos and gets paid on YouTube I heard for...
1-3 of 3 Results