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  1. Stories
    Has anyone noticed when you start your day anywhere in South Florida that you always end up in Miami. Lol.. Is this the same in other states?
  2. Miami
    Hi guys, I'm thinking of moving to miami. I have a black Mercedes E-300 car. My personal car has no commercial registration. I think there's a premier in Miami instead of uber black. What does it take to register for Uber Premier? Can someone who lives locally give some information? I live in...
  3. Miami
    I will be getting a vaccination but wondering if it can beat The Brazilian Kung Flu? https://www.reuters.com/world/americas/brazils-covid-19-response-cost-thousands-lives-says-humanitarian-group-2021-04-15/...
  4. Vehicles
    Hey guys! I’m planning to get Suburban to start doing SUV. How it is in south Florida? Miami area. I’m new in this industry, any advice? Thanks!
  5. Miami
    https://wiod.iheart.com/content/2018-04-04-miami-beach-pide-week-heats-up-tonight/ Events throughout the weekend include: Thursday night's PAMM Free Community Night: PRIDE Friday's Pride Event VIP Gala at the Faena Forum Friday's Basement Pride Kick Off Party Saturday's Beach Party Festival...
  6. Miami
    Good Evening, I'm a part time uber driver in New Jersey and thinking about moving to Miami and becoming a full time uber driver. I want to know is how much is the average weekly salary for a full time uber driver in south florida?
  7. Miami
  8. Miami
  9. Miami
    On the Beach I found a Special combo for Driver, the boss did some rides. ---------- Ham & Mozzarella Cheese sandwich or Turkey and Cheese sandwich or Croque monsieur sandwich or Chicken Caesar Salad + Soda or American Coffee For $9.00 ------------ The address 6772 Collins avenue, Astrid &...
  10. News
    SAN FRANCISCO - Tensions have long simmered between Uber and its drivers who power the ride-hailing service. Drivers held protests when Uber cut fares with little warning and have filed class-action lawsuits to be recognized as company employees rather than independent contractors. Uber is...
  11. Miami
  12. Lyft
    Did anyone else got this email??? Lyft Supports You People have a lot of opinions about tipping. With the recent news about Uber's choice not to support tips for drivers, we wanted to share why Lyft thinks differently. We started Lyft with the idea of building a community that takes care...
  13. Lyft
    Did anybody else had issues when trying to call a Pax? My app would just dial and cut off and when I responded to the Pax texts they never got it
  14. Miami
    I just found this screenshot in another thread (posted 01/20) of the passenger app from a driver in LA... Notice any difference between the two regarding UberPOOL and how easy it is to see whether selected or not? Tired of passengers trying to pull the bullsh*t trick of - "Oh I didn't know I...
  15. Miami
    Yesterday I had a 5.0 Uber Pool very nice woman ask me why drivers keep canceling on her: -Pax: can you tell me what is my rating? -You're a 5.0 -Pax: Then why am I having a hard time getting a car? I keep getting cancelled or the cars near me ignore my request -Because you're requesting...
  16. Miami
    If you need to make money in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and surroundings, you must be aware of where potential riders are. Where people are is available on Admiami where you can find a list of events. What is best is that it is well formatted for the smart phone. I thought I would share this.
1-16 of 16 Results