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  1. Washington DC
    Anyone heard from @koyotemohn? He's been strangely quiet the last few weeks. If anyone has his number P.M. me. Just wanna make sure he's okay.
  2. Miami
    To further strengthen the security perimeter around Miami International Airport, the Miami-Dade Aviation Department (MDAD) will permanently re-direct unauthorized traffic at the airport's Perimeter Road entrance and exit to alternate routes beginning Tuesday, April 3, at 10 a.m...
  3. Miami
    New to miami area. Where do i wait for rides in mia and fll airport? Wheres the lot? Thanks
  4. Miami
    So I get to the airport and the queue had 168 for Uber and 102 for Lift. Is it worth my time to wait for the pick up? Or get back on the road? There are so many waiting, I figure there is some value, or are these drivers just stupid?
  5. Miami
    Staging Lot at MIA Airport- OPEN
  6. Miami
    Trying to do a pickup at MIA. Of course because of proximity you have to get close to the terminals. I'm parked in the tall vehicle parking where Door 1 of Arrivals is in eyeshot (about 20 yards). There is 2 hours of free parking. This is my first time trying this. Anybody know of any pitfalls...
  7. Miami
    I show up to MIA at 8:15p and the car que is 214! This que is moving though! Been here about 15mins and I'm at 65.
  8. Miami
    Just got back to driving for Uber again and I notice now that you have to periodically refresh your screen in order to know what number you are in the que for airports. I click either "Earnings", "Ratings" or "Account" and then I press "Home" in order to update know where I am in line. I'm using...
  9. Miami
    I'm looking right now at my Uber Partner App.... there's almost a constant 1.3x surge at MIA. Is that true? Is there a change in policy by Uber to allow for a surge at MIA??? Anyone out there, please let all of us know. The surge just jumped to 1.4x! Going to the airport queue again just might...
  10. Miami
    I've noticed that riders who r not familiar w miami traffic, who do not allow enough travel time during rush hr result in a low ratings. As if it's my fault !!!! Seriously!! Any suggestions from others? I now ask for a preferred route.
  11. Miami
    Ever had consistent pings from the same "rider" in the airport area? I bet you did, especially if on SUV platform. It appears, that those "fake" daily pings are from the drivers (with their rider's accounts) in the FLL area. If they call once and then cancel, you are not the first in the queue...
  12. Miami
    newbie here.. is there an additional placard that needs to be displayed along with the u logo on the windshield when picking up or dropping off at MIA? been reading conflicting responses to this. thank you
  13. Miami
    So it all finally makes sense!!! Every time I drop off people at the airport I've explored the area n have tried to no avail to get on queue. Well, the reason I never see the timer is because the queue timer is only for UberX. Anyone driving other platforms, I was told, would not see the...
  14. Miami
    Is there a staging lot for MIA like FLL or just FIFO zone. If not, where do u guys wait?, What about PBI? Thanks!
  15. Miami
    For now this is the last straw as far as MIA pickups are concerned. Miami Dade officers have the GEOZONE lot by the TriRail station all but shut down. They don't appear to want any ride share cars parked there. The only place to sit and wait for a drive is out of the empty lot. Simply stupid.
  16. Miami
    For those drivers who regularly end up at MIA after dropping off a fare........ Generally, I hate going back to downtown or South Beach empty, so it's been my practice to go to a GeoZone, get into the Queue and pick up passengers coming in on flights. Incidentally, I ignore any other requests...
  17. Miami
    I've been a driver in Miami since you were able to sit inside the airport and pick people up, before the 'geozone' ever existed, before there were 1,000,000 LUX drivers, and when UberX rates were the same as LUX is now. <sigh> Anyways, as of this past week I have not been able to get a request...
1-17 of 17 Results