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  1. Miami
    I'm hoping someone can help me with what is really going on at the Miami Airport queue. Whenever I pull in there, there are a ton of cars in the lot, yet the Queue never seems to be as high as the amount of cars. All I see is people sitting around the bathroom area or sitting in their cars...
  2. Miami
  3. Miami
    So I get to the airport and the queue had 168 for Uber and 102 for Lift. Is it worth my time to wait for the pick up? Or get back on the road? There are so many waiting, I figure there is some value, or are these drivers just stupid?
  4. Vehicles
    Hey Guys! getting out of the uber business for a while! some of my colleagues here in miami might be happy with that! and i am selling my Uber xl & select lincoln mkt 2010 pearl white 7 seater ! low miles and already approved in Miami, see link here and let me know your best offer. listed on...
1-4 of 4 Results