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  1. Chicago
    And I wonder if they are getting screwed as much as we do on fares. This was approximately 3 miles 1 way and the other maybe perhaps 2.5 miles the other way. And before anyone asked. I tipped in cash plus added more in app. Not sure if uber Mexico takes their tips We cant trust the system
  2. San Diego
    Was in Mexico City this past week, on vacation. And i used Uber a lot. All the drivers were dressed very well, dress shirt, slacks or jeans, with nice shirts. I asked if it was a requirement and they said no...i thought it was pretty cool how they care so much about what they do to dress up...
  3. Houston
    Can I take uber from McAllen Texas to Reynosa mexico? How much would that cost and Would a $50 tip be Good? If not is there a bus that goes there and how long would it take? I am from new jersey and do not know the Texas schedule..
1-3 of 3 Results