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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hey all. I was just in CDMX for a week of movies, dias de los muertos, expensive whiskey and swank parties. (MorbidoFest 2019). Took a lot of Ubers (and their competitors, Cabify). You think we have it bad up here? Think again, it can be so much worse. I guess Uber drivers down there are...
  2. San Diego
    Hello All Has anyone driven to Mexico for car repairs ? I'm looking to get a catalytic converter replaced and rips in leather seats repaired. I was quoted $400 for part and $500 for install of CAT and $125 to repair two rips on the seats. Does anyone know of an affordable way to get...
  3. San Diego
    Was in Mexico City this past week, on vacation. And i used Uber a lot. All the drivers were dressed very well, dress shirt, slacks or jeans, with nice shirts. I asked if it was a requirement and they said no...i thought it was pretty cool how they care so much about what they do to dress up...
  4. Mexico City
    Hola manejo un canal de Youtube y una pagina y subi este video
1-5 of 5 Results