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  1. News
    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4938186/Passenger-stranded-Uber-driver-tests-positive-METH.html Bewildered passenger left stranded after Uber driver tests positive to METH in random roadside drug test in the middle of fare By Nkayla Afshariyan For Daily Mail Australia08:41 EDT 01 Oct...
  2. Complaints
    First night driving, three hours in, I get a ping in a sketchy part of town. Dude calls me right away to let me know his location, really hyper and gruff. I get to the PIN and realize why he called, double back, call him back, and meet up with him based on verbal directions He's ordered a ride...
  3. News
    http://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/crime-and-courts/2016/12/22/uber-driver-arrested-des-moines-owi-meth-possession-working/95776682/ According to police documents, Lettow smelled of alcohol, his eyes were bloodshot and watery, his speech was slurred and he swayed when he stood.
  4. Albuquerque
    If Walter White was diagnosed with cancer in 2016 would he have chosen to become an Uber driver instead of starting a meth empire? Perhaps.. But what a boring way to die. I can see why people turn bad. You can't make a living doing the right thing.
  5. New York City
    Hello and welcome. As you've already seen from my posts, I've demonstrated my ability to churn out $2k+ pay stubs. But this week I'm going for someting special,something that has been on my mind for quite a long time, the elusive $4000 stub! I've been preparing for the last few weeks by saving...
1-5 of 5 Results