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  1. Stories
    But I knew I had to call it quits because of the abusive nature of our relationship..... I got tired of getting pegged everyday. Adios Uberina.
  2. Complaints
    $3.50!? Really? Lol
  3. Phoenix
    Anyone on here know if there’s a Discord out there for Uber/Lyft PHX?
  4. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hello Community, Anyone get the "new and improved" Uber Decal sticker. Got a message today to confirm my shipping address to receive it. Hope the new one doesn't look like a "butthole".
  5. Chicago
    It’s a simple message that more drivers need to take heed.
  6. New Jersey
    First time I'm seeing this on my home screen. Anyone else? A sign of things to come? I'm still able to see and get surge with multiplier, though.
  7. Advice
    He did leave it in my car door before I asked him and his friend to get out. I texted his girlfriend after I found the phone in the door, who connected him to me and I drove 20 miles to return it. I don't know if he's mad that I wouldn't give him a ride or what but you think he'd be thankful...
  8. Chatter
    I like goofy Chuck Norris jokes, so I thought of these... •If Chuck Norris gives you 1-star as a passenger, not only will it affect your rating but it's also his way of letting you know how many seconds you have left to live... •Many drivers mistakenly think that they are chasing Surge. In...