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  1. Stories
    But I knew I had to call it quits because of the abusive nature of our relationship..... I got tired of getting pegged everyday. Adios Uberina.
  2. Phoenix
    Anyone on here know if there’s a Discord out there for Uber/Lyft PHX?
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hello Community, Anyone get the "new and improved" Uber Decal sticker. Got a message today to confirm my shipping address to receive it. Hope the new one doesn't look like a "butthole".
  4. Chicago
    It’s a simple message that more drivers need to take heed.
  5. New Jersey
    First time I'm seeing this on my home screen. Anyone else? A sign of things to come? I'm still able to see and get surge with multiplier, though.
  6. Advice
    He did leave it in my car door before I asked him and his friend to get out. I texted his girlfriend after I found the phone in the door, who connected him to me and I drove 20 miles to return it. I don't know if he's mad that I wouldn't give him a ride or what but you think he'd be thankful...
1-7 of 8 Results