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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    Your car's interior can say a lot about you https://www.theglobeandmail.com/drive/mobility/article-your-cars-interior-can-say-a-lot-about-you/ "A messy car can have fallout in your personal life. A 2020 poll of 2,000 Americans conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Meguiars, a manufacturer...
  2. Lyft
    What happens if a rider makes a mess or even vomits in my car? How do you get the cleaning fee from them? And what happens if they dispute it?
  3. Stories
    On St Patty's day this year, I was surprised to get only $80 for the same damage that last year paid $150. In this case, the puker got the outside of the door, the inside, and also down into the window where it meets the door. Photos were clear. Last year I was paid a $40 cleaning fee for...
  4. Washington DC
    So now uber is posting commercials with 7, sorry 21 layer dip bowl in the backseat that is over a foot in diameter. They give nof!!!
  5. Stories
    For the last few days.. It has been s l o w... Been trying for the last three days... To make $200.... usually $150 per night...less gas... Average nightly $50 this week... Tonight got call to a club... First thing said was... Can you park close in the lot...OK... Sure enuff out walks a...
  6. Sydney
    Last night I picked pax who was drunk along with his girl. Right side of car's back seat(where that drunk guy was sitting) was all wet when they left. Apparently it looked if he has pissed in my car (I didn't see them holding any bottle). I took the photos, sent an email to uber for rider mess...
  7. Ratings
    Seriously, I've given passengers who've thrown up in my vehicle 5 stars before. I mean, they were apologetic. tipped well for the trouble (even knowing a cleaning fee was incoming), and just ..."tried" in general to be a decent human being despite what they just did. I mean, it's not typical -3...
  8. New Jersey
    AH just PISSED on my backseat! I go to report to Uber, take pics of the mess, write up toe Pax/ride info, etc., but can't submit without a receipt. I was planning on cleaning it myself and seeing how much I could get for it. How do you guys do it?
  9. Advice
    Hi. Don't waste your time in cases like this, just clean it and keep working. Picked up customer with 8-10 years old daughter and this is what she did (attached) with back of my seat. And this is my conversation: Uber's response: Thanks for confirming that you chose the right trip. We...
  10. Las Vegas
    Hopefully it is open for 24 hours. Also, does Uber / Lyft reimburse it for a full price after they accept our claims (after sending photos) or it is $150 maximum?
  11. Phoenix
    Hey guys over the weekend i had a passenger throw up on himself in my car. He left a mess, that took me 1 hour to to clean up. They gave me $40 dollars cash and said sorry. Anyways after i clean up i emailed Uber, and the next day they told me they were going to give me the $200 dollar clean up...
1-12 of 12 Results