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  1. Vehicles
    Cool, weird, reptile scales on the back? Check, Check, and CHECK.
  2. Atlanta
    So it looks like the boost was only for X & Pool rides at the Concert last night. What is Uber signaling?? First no early Surge for select and now no Boost. Not liking this at all!
  3. Autonomous
    Daimler is calling its service an "automated shuttle," but it's not referring to some blobby, slow-moving van. It's going to start out using a fleet of S-Class luxury sedans and B-Class hatchbacks, with long-term plans for vehicles designed for autonomous driving, like the F 015 "Luxury in...
  4. Toronto (Ontario)
  5. Autonomous
    When your business model does not allow you to even try to keep your best employees, your business model sucks, and you suck. Uber and Lyft have only been able to keep the competition at bay for the last two years (since they reduced fares) by losing billions of dollars. But why would any...
  6. Atlanta
    Any word on if there's a specific place to drop off people at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium today? I'll be driving this afternoon, and in the past have never really known were to drop anyone. Usually, they just say "Drop us off here! We'll walk the rest of the way" when we get close. Thanks!
  7. New York City
    After finishing a ride from JFK to Hoboken I stopped at a gas station and saw this.. Smh. By the way you can see a lil of my car there
  8. Detroit
    I've been driving Lyft for a couple weeks and learned that if I drive a nicer vehicle I can get a rate increase. As of right now I get a bit as soon as I turn the app on but I keep getting rocked with small fare rides. Anyone using Select in metro detroit? How long in between fares? Is it...
  9. Autonomous
    Source: https://newsroom.uber.com/uber-daimler-self-driving-cars/ January 31, 2017 Posted by Travis Kalanick I'm excited to announce an agreement with Daimler, one of the world's top auto manufacturers with more than a century of experience designing some of the world's best and most iconic...
  10. Singapore
    http://trib.al/Cpo9Rva Izzit Uber driver?
  11. Washington DC
    Mercedes Benz CEO explains the delay in getting self-driving cars on the road. People are bullies. http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-hy-live-updates-2016-la-auto-show-human-drivers-will-bully-robot-cars-1479247249-htmlstory.html
  12. Advice
    Hello, I have been driving for Uber for a year now in London, I recently purchased a E class. My rating is above averege also I drive a car which is supposed to be an executive vehicle. With these in considerstion i should be upgraded pretty soon? But i know thats not the case. I have been in...
  13. New Jersey
    Saw this article this morning about Uber buying 100,000 S Class Mercedes that can eventually become driverless... First move to eventually get rid of all drivers?? http://carbuzz.com/news/2016/3/19/Why-Did-Uber-Just-Buy-100-000-S-Class-Sedans-7732594/
1-13 of 13 Results