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  1. London
    Anyone know of any chauffeur or taxi firms with work available for myself. I have a hired Mercedes E class 16 plate. London.
  2. London
    Hello friends, How do I drive my Mercedes Benz E class 2017 Plate 1852 mm width through those width restrictions roads/bridges around London? I am very scared when I drive through width restriction roads/bridges with customers not to scratch my allow wheels or my sides. Is any one else having...
  3. UK
    So... Hello all 1st of all, I am planning of buying Mercedes Benz E class (2018 plate from official car dealer)... - Shall I buy brand new 2018 plate or second hand?so I don't have to pay 10k to own the car. Car would cost 41-47K -Shall I get petrol or hybrid engine? -Shall I get borrow...
  4. London
    Hi fellas, I will very much appreciate your advice. I have a Honda insight can't complaint mechanically but the suspension is killing me. looking to upgrade to an E class (14 to 16 plates). I am confused between the SE 220 or the hybrid models. I will very much appreciate your advice. I read...
1-4 of 4 Results