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  1. Advice
    Since many cities and states are still in lockdown and big events have been canceled is anyone going to try to bring in the big bucks by doing deliveries this weekend? In my territory deliveries have been notoriously horrible on holiday weekends but this year I don’t see the locals doing the big...
  2. Stories
    Sometime later this afternoon, I will pull into the garage, turn off the ignition and shut down the apps. No amount of surge, Prime Time, or consecutive trip bonus, will have me turn the apps back on this Memorial Day weekend. This is my favorite weekend of the year- not because I get to turn...
  3. New Jersey
    I have spoken with at least 11 people that got screwed by Uber for the holiday weekend guarantee. Friday: Too many drivers and not enough riders to qualify for 1 ride per hour. Typically people starting early and waiting hours for first ride. Acceptance %. Issues with their pool app where...
1-3 of 3 Results