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  1. Melbourne
    This is not about conspiracy drivers or bs like that, this is about mass surveillance. Maybe you can say that we are already scanned when we go into Woollies, Kmart, Bunnings.. I don't care, **** all of this! They will never have my consensus, and I'll move on. I'd love all drivers would leave...
  2. Melbourne
    Very interesting discussion from pax in the comments, thoughts?
  3. Melbourne
    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10039389/Daniel-Andrews-approval-drops-44-amid-slow-vaccine-rollout.html Daniel Andrews approval rating is dropping to a record low, and his troubles are far from over… Victorian health department facing $95m in fines over hotel quarantine program...
  4. Melbourne
    https://www.drive.com.au/news/victorias-electric-car-tax-faces-high-court-challenge/ Great news for Uber drivers with electric cars, there is a good chance that the tax will be struck down as unconstitutional.
  5. Melbourne
    https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/first-images-of-melbourne-hit-run-driver-puneet-puneet-surface-from-india-20210905-p58p02.html Looks like our old friend Puneet Puneet is alive and well. This is an event 13 years in the making, but he will finally face his crimes.
  6. Melbourne
    https://www.news.com.au/world/coronavirus/australia/scott-morrison-says-australia-will-remain-shut-off-to-the-world-indefinitely/news-story/38da4e3b62dd8ad42bc3c44bb7b1f0cc Earliest opening would be in Mid-2022.
  7. Melbourne
    https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/apr/22/the-worst-electric-vehicle-policy-in-the-world-automotive-coalition-pans-victorias-ev-tax Victoria seems hellbent on imposing an unfair tax on electric car drivers (including myself). I’m glad to see Uber step up to the plate to challenge the...
  8. Melbourne
    https://www.cbsnews.com/news/covid-19-vaccine-employer-can-force/ https://www.reuters.com/article/health-coronavirus-uber-vaccine-idUSKBN28K1VX It looks like Uber is preparing to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations in order for drivers to continue to operate on the Uber platform.
  9. Melbourne
    Following the NZ referendum, I feel that a Victoria referendum is probably on the cards. I am more of a libertarian so I have no problem with legalizing Cannabis. I don’t think the Government should have any say in how one indulges themselves (barring minors of course). However, I feel that...
  10. Sydney
    My browser takes me to the Melbourne forum when I type in “uberpeople”, so I’ve been it checking it out. It’s freaking insane. It’s full of Trump supporters and right wing crazies raving on about “Chairman Dan” and the lockdown, etc etc. I realise that parties that have traditionally looked...
  11. Melbourne
    Just a quick survey to assess and gauge the general political leanings of this forum.
  12. Melbourne
    Hello Guys, Hope you all are doing well. Now I was thinking to buy a custom Number plates (Funny) I applied for STOL4N and even paid, after few days I got a letter saying they have refunded the money as they cant approve the plates. I want suggestion from you guys if someone can suggest me. I...
  13. Melbourne
    Hi Uber Drivers! I have a question - if you are from India or Pakistan and are driving Uber, do you find it difficult to find authentic Indian/Pakistani meals while on the road? Do you find places are average or not good enough? If you know of any places that even come close, let me know!
  14. Melbourne
    So I'm currently signing up to become an Uber Driver in Melbourne (yay!) and I'd like to be well prepared before my first trip. I don't yet own a car and I'm still waiting for my driver accreditation to become approved. A few things I want to know: 1) Which car should I rent and from what...
  15. Melbourne
    Pushing deep into YVR territory today. Pitstop at Office works Chirnside park. Got Water and Mints on YVR account! Good ant! Super Top Extras! Waiting for that 40+ on 2.5 surge to get back to civilisation ?
  16. Australia
    Saw this today and I thought of all the ants out there... Heheh lol
  17. Melbourne
    Hey Guys! I just wanna know whether I can register for Uber Eats to deliver by car with my Overseas driver's license. If I cant, can I still register for bicycle and then use my car for delivery? Thanks in advance!
  18. Melbourne
    Hey guys, just looking for some advice. So I got a $161 fine for 'stopping in a no stopping area' on Exhibition Street, Melbourne CBD at 9.11AM. Obviously I was either picking up or dropping off a rider. I went to the website and they had a photo. It shows my car with left indicator on, rear...
  19. Melbourne
    So, i have been doing uber eats for about 2 months. It is always my secondary job and dinner time is my usual hours to work. However with the current holidays of new year and christmas, i can't figure out one thing which is, why there is decline in the numbers of deliveries i get now. Nothing...
1-19 of 66 Results