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  1. Melbourne
    driving for uber is total scam no profit for the driver but wrecked car with high mileage Uber rideshare have NO rights at Melbourne Airport
  2. Melbourne
    Come visit the new uber headquarts and say hi to Sarah and Matt 578 Plummer Street, Port Melbourne Drivers comfy lounge with food and drinks Driver call Centre 24/7 Driver app education Legal service Tax service Medical service Customer service Vehicle inspection workshop We look...
  3. Melbourne
    Uber service will have 10km city app block eg like the Melbourne Airport. London cabs have agreed to pay local government city tolls which will amount in hundreds of dollars daily. Uber and Taxi can only operate outside of the 10km city zone. PWC
  4. Melbourne
    Uber today suggested further rate cuts down 15% base fare $3.50 keep up the good work everyone PWC
  5. Melbourne
    Uber drivers are NOT permitted to drop off or pick up from Melbourne airport don't waste your time and fuel for $30 ride when taxi get $70 plus return riders yellow wins by far. Black cars get $120 sometimes more they are winners too PWC
  6. Melbourne
    Uber Victoria have NO airport rights!! Ever!! Uber Victoria many times have refused to pay the fees to lift the airport restictions allowing Uber drivers to legally drop off and pick up eg taxi Victoria. PWC
  7. Melbourne
    The computer system sometimes incrorrectly reads our surge rates Sarah is working to mend this problem fast and ideally uber would prefer to be surge free. Keep up the good work partners. ACCC have been notified
  8. Melbourne
    Uber partners recent servey 99.5 drivers rate the service below average and shameful Uber rates cheap as chips average $5 dollars hourly and sometimes less Uber passages 98% white trash and low class ☠ Uber surge to tease and frustrate Uber daily car cleaning - who's paying for this time? Uber...
  9. Melbourne
    Sarah, wishes to announce more work and more money for our great partners with the launch of Avolon Airport Geelong. Keep up the great work. Merry Xmas
  10. Melbourne
    Sarah, has asked all partners please ensure your mailing details are current and up to date. Thanks
  11. Melbourne
    Today government gave the okay for driverless cars to resume testing on Melbourne roads and freeways early 2017 New PT trams to become driverless Fox logistic and transport to become driverless Pre order your driverless investment ASAP don't wait selling quick
  12. Melbourne
    Uber drivers, Taxies, General public double parked or not parking safely to take or drop off passages plain cloth and bicycle cops $580 fine and three point - double points on public holidays. Watch for new 360 traffic light cameras and speed zones
  13. Melbourne
    Uber could play fair and pay drivers back 15% fare increase and lift base fears $10 drivers again can smile. Driving ten minutes for five minute fear is NOT cost effective and current airport runs are NOT cost effective all is only great for rider and uber but poor sucker driver. Uber...
  14. Melbourne
    flexible hours but difficult riders no tips
  15. Melbourne
    Beat uber at their own game don't just switch off your phone better options switch your phone to ( flight mode ) instant action of disappear ( off the radar ) from uber, telemarketing, and everyone. Off the radar = surge get cars to the area Go Catch pay better rates PWC
  16. Melbourne
    uber drivers should NOT use "flight mode" ever
  17. Melbourne
    Good points about uber: Big Fat Zero all is bad bad bad Good points about riders: low life's and they smell like shit Happier points local government isn't so fond of the uber rideshare service and approval to operate in Melbourne Victoria NOT anytime soon, the transport minster believes uber...
  18. Melbourne
    I have noticed more recently uber is zig zagging drivers via back streets pushing for faster routes but often these roads have speed humps, no left or right turns, dead ends, dangerous narrow roads, no traffic lights, and during all of this the passanager is getting travel sickness uber might...
  19. Melbourne
    I always have a lot more respect for office slave workers with field experience. Uber should have some office requirements all uber control room workers need to complet 500 rider trips ( rated trips ) ( driveing report ) good score will determine if you get the office chair and desk at green...
  20. Melbourne
    The first Uber driverless car was tested on Melbourne roads. Uber driverless cars soon to hit Melbourne city offering riders free travel. Congratulations Donald Trump and amazing team 2016
1-20 of 22 Results