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  1. Portland
    For the people who are interested in meeting, are you more interested in a morning, noon-ish, or afternoon or evening meetup? Cast your vote, let me know yet thoughts. I'm thinking next Wed or Thurs since its so slow during the week days.
  2. Portland
    Anyone want to meet up? I'm thinking Tuesday 11am near 20th and Sandy. If enough people are interested I've got a specific location in mind. Possible topics: - taking advantage of the new rates - working the flat rate surge for best profit - general Q and A I have a meeting at 1pm nearby that...
  3. Portland
    Hey peeps, I'm thinking of putting together another Portland meet up. Maybe go over experiences and differences between line and pool, we can share some things that are working and not working for each of us, answer questions for newer people, etc. I am thinking lunchtime next week when it is...
  4. Portland
    Hey people, I'm thinking of trying to have a driver meet-up. Not HOSTING it which would imply that I'm buying stuff for people, just creating a driver gathering. Why? To meet some fellow drivers and maybe help some people out. I believe knowledge is power, and maybe a little extra understanding...
  5. Los Angeles & Orange County
    So awhile back I moved from Oregon for my husbands job. I got a job at IKEA and started to make friends, it was nice. I recently lost my job at IKEA and so my husband said I should try working for Uber. I loved the idea until I realized I wouldn't have proper co-workers... This made me sad...
1-5 of 5 Results