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  1. Melbourne
    Hello everyone, I am going to start a social group for the first Friday of every month, if I get 5 or more people interested a meetup in Melbourne will be organised. PM me if you're interested.
  2. Washington DC
    We discussed doing a Meetup at a Nats game on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. How's Sunday August 13th at 1:35 P.M.? S.F. Giants play. Tickets start at $17 for nosebleed seats. We can meet up somewhere in the stadium. Any thoughts?
  3. Washington DC
    Since Desertrose is sunning her buns on yet another vacation (the life on an Uber Driver right?) she hasn't posted the latest Meetup info. I believe the talk was Capitol City Brewing Company in Shirlington next week. How about next Tuesday July 11 from 5-7? This way people can plan ahead for it.
  4. Raleigh-Durham
    So who would be down to meet up on a Sunday or something? I guess it would have to be a day when there isn't anything going on so people don't miss out on surges. Any suggestions on location type? Restaurant? Park? Coffeehouse? Let me know. Its always nice to put a person to the posts.
  5. New Jersey
    Hey all, I really enjoy reading all the posts. Lots of good info by what's seems like good people. I want to extend the offer..one more time.. to join the chat I posted in the other thread. We are finally going to meet, a group of us,...this is where it gets real and I'm not talking about...
1-6 of 6 Results