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  1. New York City
    Hey Im working on getting my TLC license to drive with uber and other fhv jobs if possible. So Can some of you tell me exactly what is the medical exam like? What are they looking for? what do they ask? How long is it? Give me all details.
  2. London
    Hi to everyone this is Damiano and I'm a new memeber here. I applied to uber ignition 2 month ago, I did everything well step by step ( uk license, dbs, medical check) I'm Italian so they asked me to bring a certificate of good conduct from Italy and translated in English and the form 205 for...
  3. London
    CALL 02036334501 to book HGV /PCO Drivers Medicals Now!! We have same day, evening and weekend appointments throughout East and North London Branches In Barking, Loughton, Dagenham, Acton and Croydon. We only charge £45. We require full medical Summary to complete the...
  4. Denver
    I'm posting this with the aim of possibly saving others the frustration, time and expense I have experienced. My intent here is to not rant. This is intended primarily for those who have medical conditions which may be borderline with respect to the med exam requirements. There's not a lot of...
1-4 of 4 Results