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  1. News
    Was the uber taxi option at Disney discontinued? I used to get pings at disney world and now there isn’t the option to even order a uber taxi with the customer uber app! Any help or input would be appreciated ? ( I am a mears uber taxi driver btw)
  2. Orlando
    1. Read the lawsuit: http://mearslitigation.com/ 2. Signup to protect your claim. 3. Read how the IRS determines IC status: http://www.lctmag.com/regulations/article/1353/independent-contractors-understanding-irs-regulations-for-chauffeurs If you are a current driver don't be alarmed. The...
  3. Orlando
    I finally got deactivated from the Uber Shit Plataform. Ill join now a new company, which, at least, charge passengers according to city rules. Lets MEARS!!!!! UBER OUT. I will make sure to tell every single passenger about the uber bullshit. Any MEARS driver in the forum? MEARS ON!
  4. Orlando
    Ready to quit my full time job after a year. I dont fit in a Corporate job. So, who wants to sponsor me?
  5. Orlando
    Under what circumstances would Mears not allow you to drive for them?
  6. Orlando
    I hope y'all don't mind a cabbie coming in here with some questions, but many of you seem knowledgeable in this area, and many former Ubers are now cabbies, or so I gather. First off, I lived in DeBary and commuted into Orlando for work/shopping between '92 and '02, so I have some familiarity...
1-6 of 6 Results