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  1. MDW

    Folks - I have a plan devised for MDW. Please DM me if you want in on my plans. I am hesitant to broadcast here for fear of over saturation.
  2. Chicago
    Most discussion around airport runs center around the mornings. Particularly Mondays. Let’s look at another busy time for airport trips: Thursday and Friday afternoons. For the first time in a few years I took an afternoon ORD run. Originating from the West Loop. Was just short of 12 noon with...
  3. Chicago
    Tuesday ~10 pm I brought a rider to Midway. I turned my app off and headed to the Pit to pee. About 30-40 cars in the gypsy camp. Was probably gonna set my DF toward home, since I had started at 4 pm (way early for me) and the City seemed slow. Ahhhh relief. On my way to my car, I turned the...
  4. Chicago
    Yes, I have read the Driver Forum on using Chicago Airports, I've taken the quiz and reviewed all their maps and yet I'm still confused where to ACTUALLY go for staging! The quiz asks questions not even covered in the forum and the maps are practically useless to navigate and don't match the...
  5. Chicago
    Probably someone can explain this. There is some sort of queue at Cicero Ave and 55th street. It is a little blue rectangle on the Lyft app map also. Yesterday I was traveling eastward on 55th through that intersection and was put into that queue, until it timed out. But that is a queue...
  6. Chicago
    Has anyone gotten a select ride out of MDW while waiting in the staging lot?
1-6 of 6 Results