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  1. Australia
    Thought I would put in my two cents about Maven Gig Australia as I have had a pretty disappointing experience with them in the last six months. In the beginning I thought they were pretty good, simple, easy to use, staff were helpful. Actually I signed up because of their primary Sydney rep...
  2. Vehicles
    I'm looking to start driving Uber and Lyft. Right now I am leaning towards only doing Lyft with Express Drive / Hertz rental. The reason is that my personal car doesn't qualify (2-door coupe), and the Uber/Lyft rental with Hertz limits you to just that one service (i.e. if I rent with Hertz...
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Got my app up here and am about to rent a Chevy Trax for $219/week includes insurance, but not gas. My Nitro cratered and too expe4nsive to fix, so I'll probably do a rental here... Have you tried Maven and if you did, what was your 'luck'?? Any dealbreakers you found out about AFTER you...
1-3 of 3 Results