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  1. Technology
    The excellent post by Mista T prompted this. This poll though is looking to neither validate nor invalidate the assertions of the article. It would simply be interesting to see if close proximity overrides all other weightings. I honestly don't even know how often this situation arises with...
  2. Articles
    Get out your tinfoil hats, ladies and gentlemen! Ever wonder how the algorithm matches drivers with passengers (pax)? One of the frequent lies Uber tells everyone is that the ride request goes to the closest driver. But as experienced drivers know, that's simply not true. It's time to take off...
  3. Complaints
    Sitting in the parking lot of the largest mall in the state, around 2pm, waiting for a request. Lots of stores, hustle and bustle everywhere. PING - pickup 3.6 miles away. No thanks, why should I leave this area? Light rail has the end of the line at this location. So many ppl get off the...
  4. Portland
    For every dollar in tips today Left will match and donate to Friends of the Gorge. That's what the app says anyway.
1-4 of 4 Results