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  1. Connecticut
    Hi! I'm flying into Bradley on Jet Blue tomorrow, 28 Sept, arriving at 1:10PM and need to get to Southbridge. MA Hotel. Anyone interested in fare or should I just request ride when I arrive.
  2. Advice
    Hello. I'm flying into Bradley tomorrow, 28 Sept., on Jet Blue, arriving at about 12:45PM and need to get to Southbridge Hotel & Conf Center. Then on Sunday Oct 1 I've got to get back to Bradley for a flight out and need a pickup at 10AM at the Southbridge Hotel. Anyone interested in the fare...
  3. Boston
    Please don't take the following discussion as any grievance with or slight towards the disabled community in any way, I just think we should discuss every aspect of the new ridesharing law and how it may affect ridesharing drivers going forwards. I believe the below section is from Section...
  4. Connecticut
    uber has admitted lowering rates in western mass didn't work so they are back up to .90 per mile. i then checked out springfield area and they were on a 3.7 surge at the end of rush hour. might be time to head back there
1-4 of 4 Results