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  1. Long Island
    Using the family vehicle to Uber. I see the city has a marketplace renting out or leasing uber ready cars w tlc plates. Where can we go if we dont have a tlc license to rent or lease a car to Uber in NYC Suburbs? Also why no incentives or bonuses here?
  2. New York City
    So I got my license a few days ago and now I'm on the Uber market place. The few renters that would answer my calls wanted $400+ due to my status. Kind of getting to the point of ridiculous. This company kabanafi was on Uber market place and they offer rides to "new" drivers. They wouldn't...
  3. Sydney
    On the Uber Marketplace there are now Thrifty and Hertz that are offering short term renting periods, 7 days & 3 days respectively. When you pick the car up and have it inspected by Uber and then have Uber get the registration documents from the Rental company wouldn't a few days have passed...
1-3 of 3 Results