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  1. Washington DC
    Its Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras folks... Should be a decent night for the U/H/Dupont Circle crowd in DC and Clarendon in Northern VA... I'll be out shaking the money tree... Who else will be out tonight?
  2. St. Louis
    I started driving last November, so this will be my first experience driving during Mardi gras this coming Saturday. Any tips? Are there going to be specified Uber staging areas marked with Uber flags/banners/tents where people can wait for rides? Can anyone attest to the surge pricing in years...
  3. Houston
    If you are permitted in Houston, UBER Partners are allowed to DROP OFF in the City of Galveston and at the Port. At this time UBER partners are NOT allowed to pick up in Galveston City Limits. If you are caught picking up passengers within Galveston City Limits you can be cited and there are...
  4. New Orleans
    So beware you wont profit much. Traffic traffic traffic, rude riders and oh yea surge tonight got up to a 2.0 that last for 10 minutes and if your lucky you beep and your rider wont cancel on you. My first trip started on canal near west end and we ended up close to st. Charles after that trip...
1-4 of 4 Results