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  1. London
    Guys, Been driving auto box for the last 2 and half years with no probs. Car has done double miles since when 1st bought? Question goes out to Hogster, Cabbie2B, babasanfur essexman, and UberLuxbod It is causing a few probs now and wanted to change due to probs further down. Mate of mine...
  2. London
    Dear UberPeople! First of all I wish to say hello to all as this is my first post here. I am reading this forum since a while and decided to ask some questions. I am a licensed private hire driver from South East London and driving for uber is my choice for next year or two. The first...
  3. Vehicles
    Dear UberPeople! I am reading this forum since a while but now I decided to speak as I seriously need to get some advice from you guys ASAP. I am living in the UK and I am a licensed private hire driver. I have been researching since months and I still have no clue what car to buy. Recently I...
1-3 of 3 Results