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  1. Advice
    Hi I have searched the entire internet for advice on the knowledge test in Manchester, the council has limited info I would appreciate it if someone has sat the test in Manchester who can give me as much advice and info as possible to help me pass the knowledge test specifically the routes for...
  2. Manchester, UK
    Hi, I am trying to arrange an Uber from Manchester Airport/somewhere near there to Liverpool for Boxing Day this year. when I try to do this on the app, it says that rides are unavailable Does anyone know why or what I can do?? Thanks!
  3. UK
    Hi all, I’m writing from Clover Films, a multi-award-winning documentary production company based near London. Our international films have won over thirty major honours in the last decade, including several Emmys, ‘broadcast Pulitzers’, Peabodys etc (clover-films.com). We're working on a...
  4. Manchester, UK
    Hi guys. I have read tons of articles about the language test. Is it a must have for all drivers or only for new drivers? I drove for uber in hungary so i have a live uber partner account. If i would like to drive here in Manchester, do you think i have to pass the language test and if so...
  5. Manchester, UK
    Hi, I would like to register with Uber as a driver in Manchester and have seen that in Rossendale Council it is required to pass a Knowledge Test to get a licence. I have also seen that the test is very complex because they ask you to know many streets and locations in the city and it is almost...
  6. Boston
    saw an article that Lyft is expanding to a bunch of new cities starting 01/26 and Manchester New Hampshire is one of them. I wonder if Boston Lyft drivers will be allowed to drive there like we can with Uber.
  7. Build a community in...
    Anyone from Nashua/Manchester?
1-8 of 8 Results